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Brought with Surka, there is now a notable canyon somewhat deep in the forest. A hundred feet deep at its highest, it's wide enough that walking around isn't convenient, and the canyon walls rocky enough that you'll have problems climbing them unless you're a troll. The only way over is via a single bridge at the deepest point marked with an ominous sign. Would one be able to peer down into the depths, they would note a large number of billygoat skeletons down in the trickling streambed, but little else. The bridge is a simple rope suspension bridge; it's a little rickety, but perfectly capable of holding a wagon and rider... though a giant robot might be a little much.

  • Technically, Surka - to a degree.
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Mun Name: Sword
Journal: [personal profile] swordianmaster
Contact Info:; Bahamut725@AIM
Other Characters: Berri ([personal profile] meng_huan_myuu), Twilight Sparkle ([personal profile] friendship_reporter), Remilia Scarlet ([personal profile] red_the_nightless_castle)

Name: Surka Aurelia Maxine Shrew (Just call her Surka)
From: Digger
Appearance: Six inches tall, meanest troll you'll ever meet
Age: Roughly thirty seasons (Human equivalent - about 23)
Gender: Female
Personality: Surka's not dumb, but she IS relatively simple - if there's a problem in her way, her first option will typically be 'fight'. She's capable of craftiness, but it just doesn't suit her tastes at all. Likewise this shows up in her mannerisms; the shrew is blunt, brutally honest, and somewhat crude. All in all, she's your textbook definition of a scrapper, willing to throw down with little provocation, be it in a fist fight or a drinking contest.
Backstory: Surka was just your average shrew, living at home in the whistling willow, growing up with dreams of adventure in between the occasional cheese sandwich. However, one day she decided not to stay at home like a normal shrew, and ventured out on her own in search of adventure. And adventure she got. She proved to be a natural with a sword (well, the shrew-sized version of one), and managed to make a bit of a name for herself as a mercenary. Enough of a name, in fact, that she was conscripted by a small kingdom of little renown as a spy and assassin.

While she performed her job admirably, ultimately the kingdom was overwhelmed by its much larger (both in army and in actual size - While humans in Surka's world are smaller, shrews are still a fraction of their height) neighbors and she was rather unceremoniously conscripted as palace dishwasher. The less said about the job, the better... but it's safe to say that last night's meatloaf still has a bit of fight in it from the days when the meat was on a beast. It took a few seasons, but thanks to some quick thinking and makeshift explosives (burrito night had its advantages, in a strange way), she was able to flee her life of indentured servitude and head back into adventure headfirst.

Figuring she needed to get away from the continent for a short while, she found herself as part of a pirate crew named the Rotting Dogs. It didn't take long, given her martial prowess and lack of leperosy, before she was promoted to the crew's captain - "They wanted a captain who wouldn't fall apart under pressure!" - and the Rotting Dogs became the most fearsome leper pirates the world had ever seen. Keeping a Robin Hood-like "rob from the rich" ideal, nobles feared the seas owned by the Dread Pirate Surka and her band of limb-dropping knaves.

So it went for many seasons.However, all good things must come to an end, and eventually the Rotting Dogs had to retire - they had become "more peg than pirate". Leprosy was good for scaring nobility and other pirates, sure, but it wasn't good for morale or longetivity. Thus, after finding her crew a nice, isolated tropical island to live out the rest of their days, she moved on.

There's no telling how she ended up in the lands near the village of Rath, though that is where she found herself face-to-face with a mountain of a troll by the name of Lumpy Frogsnuggler, who demanded a rather steep price to cross his bridge: ten billy goats, or Surka's life. Surka, being quite battle-hardened, by now, took a third option: she pulled out her sword - little more than a thorn compared to the size of a troll - and showed Lumpy what for. The battle lasted for several nights, but eventually Surka stood triumphant, defeating the troll... and inadvertantly winning the respect of Lumpy's tribe, having defeated their chief.

And that is how the shrew named Surka became the chief of a tribe of trolls, and got her very own bridge.
Moral Standing: Generally good, as any adventurer would be. Certainly has no problems with violence or less morally-sound professions (such as piracy), however.
Dreams: "I have had many dreams, but I have decided to stop. My sister also dreamed of adventure, and eventually she had so many dreams that she didn't want to have a real adventure, for fear of spoiling them. This will not happen to me!" In layman's terms, Surka lives for the moment and doesn't really plan ahead; her dreams are "keep doing what I'm doing" and "be moderately successful at it".
Fears: Being an adventurer, there is very little that Surka is afraid of, aside from things that defy her instinctive logic. Everything has SOME weakness, so she's rather unnerved by things that seem invincible or unstoppable, though she tries to not show it. There's also a bit of a trauma-related fear of quiche, but we won't mention that.
Extra: Surka speaks with an odd mishmash of Cockney and ruffian that is hard to transcribe to text. Please try not to get too mad at the mun for making her speech unreadable, and rest assured, her text would be worse.
Character Location: Frogsnuggler Gorge (and the attached bridge)
Samples: Surka's introductory arc
Writing Sample: Dear_Mun


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